The Herblock Foundation

The Herblock Foundation has an excellent site devoted to all things Herblock. You can find information on the Foundation itself, their scholarship program and the Herblock Prize and Lecture series. They also have a very user friendly form you can fill out to request copyright permission for up to 10 cartoons.

The Cartoon by Herblock

In addition to his numerous books, Herblock also wrote an essay on the importance and function of the political cartoon. You can find it here

Cartoons In the Classroom

The Library of Congress has kindly done some legwork for teachers who want to integrate political cartoons into their history classroom. Herblock is among many cartoonists whose work is used as examples of how a political cartoon can tell us more about a particular topic, event, or person. The site includes a how-to manual as well as an excellent reference for teachers.

Herblock's History

The Library of Congress displayed a wide selection of Herblock’s work in an exhibit in 2008. After the exhibition was taken down, it was converted to a website with sections on “Herblock’s Presidents,” Herblock’s representations of the atomic bomb and McCarthyism, among others. It is an excellent introduction to the scope and bredth of his work.